1. Have You Told Them Thanks Yet?

    Today with 15 minutes left before the end of the day, as my students were packing their things, writing in their assignment notebook, I cleared my throat and told them I would like to make an announcement.  With 23 sets of eyes on me, all waiting for something cool to come out of my mouth, I stammered, “I would like to tell you something…”  Silence.  I kept going, “Every day, I tell my husband when he asks about my day about you.  Every day I tell my husband how I have the nicest kids, the kids that make me so proud.  I share the funny stories, the things you accomplish and the community we share.  Every day I tell him that.  But I don’t tell you and I should.  So thank you for being that class that I can tell people about.  Thank you for being that class where I can step out of the room for a moment and know that you continue to work without me there.  For helping each other, for staying engaged and focused and for thinking school is not boring.”    And then I stopped because I got emotional as pregnant women tend to do.  And the kids smiled and I told them it was time to go and so they did.

    Have you taken the time to tell your students how they make you feel?

    This is a great post! thank you!

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    7. qbnscholar said: Via email, except 3 times. 1st course I taught, told them in class & cried. For 1 class it did not feel right so I skipped it, though I was grateful. Last time I taught I told them the last day of class. Lots of crying by me and several students.
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