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    I hope bloggers continue to explore the idea of just saying no to unnecessary, high-stakes standardized tests and using student data (that belongs to students and their families) to determine merit pay for teachers and to close neighborhood schools.

    There’s an interesting letter–speaking of legal pushback against state testing–from New Yorker Christine Green Dougherty on the “Opt Out of State Tests” Facebook page. Doughterty specifically requested that her son (who has an IEP) opt out of the test. She was refused, with increasingly strong and threatening language. Then, the school forced him to take the test, and did not comply with the terms of his IEP. She could use more feedback: http://www.facebook.com/groups/unitedoptout/

    Twenty-first century learning expert and parent Will Richardson also wrote an excellent blog on this, yesterday, launching a lively conversation: http://willrichardson.com/post/21226188628/opting-out#disqus_thread

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