1. (via TED Blog | Flip this lesson! A new way to teach with video from TED-Ed)

    "“Flip This Lesson” is an open platform — you can create a lesson from any video, whether from the TED-Ed library, from more than 1,000 TEDTalks, or from any video on YouTube. Read Chris Anderson’s blog post about why we built TED-Ed as an open platform. Read the full press announcement here. And explore a sample lesson Chris made as a proof-of-concept, based on a great new TED-Ed talk.

    Then — go forth and write lessons of your own!”

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      For the teacher peeps: This looks cool:
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      TedEd has a “flip this lesson feature” that lets you take videos, ted videos, etc. and “flip” them.
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      Not convinced that flipping classrooms is as revolutionary as advertised, but this is a really cool tool that I could...
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