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    #LetOurVoicesBeHeard | Western International High School | Southwest Detroit (by SouthwestKnoxx)

    Our Demands to the Detroit Public School System are the following:

    1. Don’t close Southwestern High School.

    2. Don’t close Maybury Elementary.

    3. Remove suspensions for students involved in the walkout.

    4. Don’t keep students away from school for walking out to stand up for what they believe.

    5. Don’t want suspensions to go on our student records.

    6. Don’t press criminal charges against students’ involved in the walkout.

    7. Don’t violate students’ rights.

    8. Don’t take students’ phones and search through & delete their content.

    9. Don’t lay hands on students. No more physical attacks on students by security guards.

    10. No more favoritism in who is & is not being targeted for suspension.

    11. No more favoritism to certain students, student groups, or sports teams.

    12. Honor the DPS Code of Conduct.

    13. School Supplies: toilet paper, hand soap, etc.

    14. Clean bathrooms, facilities.

    15. Stop making students feel like we’re in prison.

    16. Higher expectations for students.

    17. Better college prep.

    18. Stability— teachers who will actually be there for us, who are qualified.

    19. Protection of teachers & their union.

    20. We want equal opportunity to education.

    21. Stop selling away community assets.

    22. We’re students, not money signs or criminals. Stop running school like a business or a prison.

    23. Give students an equal say in what goes on in all DPS schools. Give students a place in decision-making process. We want a Voice.

    24. We need to invest more into our education than what our test scores are gonna be.

    25. We need a better education— not students’ fault that money isn’t being used correctly.

    26. We need teachers that teach, adequate books and supplies.

    27. Remove the Emergency Financial Manager. Give control of schools back to community by reinstating the School Board.

    28. Stop closing DPS schools. Go with what we have, stop closing everything down. Fix what we have. Stop closing DPS schools and allowing the chartering of so many schools. Stop turning schools into for profit businesses.


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