1. Process Board Project

    I brought in a board about 4x2 feet that I painted white. Then offered a range of art materials including paint, glue and glitter and just let the children paint and explore the materials. We would then display their creation for a week or so and then I would take it home and paint it white again.

    Then we started the process again. As the process went on, the board started to tell a story in textures and paint. Each layer told a story of the students process. I tried to talk to the children about the process of painting and the process of time and history. My goal was for the children to get a sense that often the process is more important than the final piece.

    Here is a few pictures of the textures and the process…

    After the year was over I took the painting home with all the layers and created a final abstract painting that played off the layers and textures of the paint. I envision it telling the historical story of a chalk board.

    -Adventures in Learning

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Adventures in Learning

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