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gjmueller: A teacher spends $480 a year on school supplies: TRUE or FALSE?

I bet it’s more. What do you think?


    gjmuellerA teacher spends $480 a year on school supplies: TRUE or FALSE?

    I bet it’s more. What do you think?

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      Sad, but true. Science teachers spend much more- I typically spend close to $2000.00 a year.
    6. geofaultline answered: True- but it is more like $2000.00!!!
    7. justteach answered: Between the books, classroom decorations, organizational supplies yeahhh this sounds pretty close
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      Yep. And Romney/Ryan want to cut money from education.
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    11. chelseaeileen answered: True, except when they spend more.
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    13. writersarea answered: Fairly sure this is true..
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    19. teachingindividuals answered: completely true. If not more.
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    21. thewolfofgubbio answered: none of my public school teachers did. my private school teachers do all the time though
    22. esbatty answered: I”m still upset that from 1st-3rd grade we’d buy all these supplies and then never f*ckin’ use them. And they’d disappear into a closet.
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    24. katgrn answered: NEW PENCIL SMELL
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    27. daebakfiesta answered: False. I feel like that’s a low number….

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