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    I will take any decent human being who has any interest or passion for working with children for any amount of time any day of the week. 

    I have a dream that a new deal type program will open up and allow millions of over educated sane caring people the chance to return to work even part time as teachers aides. I truly think this would change education and the country. The dignity from having a job would be huge, the help for teachers would be transformative and the blurring of the lines between school and community would change both education and the community for the better!

    Some brave school will take this up an be given prizes upon prizes for changing the way we educate our children and the relationships between adults and children, community and schools, work and life, and school and life.

    -adventures in Learning

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      Wait… You mean I’ve been prepping 3 different middle school classes alone and coaching swimming every day like a chump?!...
    5. teachmeteachyou answered: I’m a grad student working on my elementary ed. I volunteer on my days off at my local elementary school. Every education student should.
    6. drachenfang answered: You just need to convince the government to fund it. That’s the impossible part. We’d rather fight wars.
    7. chopper-two-hopper answered: What I wouldn’t do for an aide.. So many Kindermunchkins, so little time..
    8. specialbunny answered: I love being an aide. I miss being a teacher, but I love helping!!
    9. suzanrose answered: Yes! There should be one adult for every 10 students in a room. Minimum. Every 6 would be better.
    10. talesofan8gt answered: I would love some retired folks to spend time in classrooms doing anything: reading with them, helping them and sharing unique experiences!
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      I have a dream that a new deal type program will open up and allow millions of over educated sane caring people the...
    13. adventuresinlearning answered: agreed! I think if we could pay out of work people even minumin wage to be classroom aides this would be much much better!
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      I don’t know how you guys do it without aides. Seriously. Next year will be our first year with two third grades, and...
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