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    I’ll try to keep this as concise as I can.

    As I’ve gone through my first two years of college, my perspective on education and the purpose of schooling has radically shifted. I went through high school just focused on getting grades, and I would get an A with the least amount of work possible, even if it meant sacrificing understanding. 

    Now in college, though I am forced to work much harder, I am also studying things of interest to me. This has become a two-fold benefit where I am truly understanding the lessons professors have for me and actually enjoy classes (for the most part). The discussions have become engaging and school has become a place to learn, not perform. I have come to understand that GPA is a reflection of work ethic and understanding the system, not intelligence or depth of learning. 

    My late realization has put me in an awkward situation. I am studying business, but in the end I am still searching for what I am truly passionate about and the career I want to pursue. Education has given me some insights, but I am still in the early stages of working all this out. But questions like these don’t highlight the true purpose of education.

    I believe that education, aside from a way to develop our thinking, gain knowledge and wisdom, and improve our hard skills, is a way we learn about ourselves. Through readings, lectures and assignments, I have to come gain more and more understanding about myself, the world, and my role within society.

    In the end, education is the key to finding answers to the question why and it has helped me to find purpose, a meaning to all the things I do. Through this, I find my values, my future goals, role in society and my ability to connect in a human way. I guess you could say the purpose of education is to help people to understand themselves, and everything else will follow.

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