1. But mostly, my heart hurts, not because of the difficulty of the job we do as educators, but because of the crap put in our way. There’s little room for exploration, for trying new things, for really teaching conceptually in meaningful ways, or for meeting the needs of individual teachers or kids in ways that matter. I sat in the kitchen one day and listened to my grandson and niece talk about the work they had to do in 6th and 11th grades, respectfully. They decided the ONLY difference was in the size of the worksheet packets they get! Neither had regular access to technology, nor were they allowed to use it in writing tasks in their classwork.

    We simply have to have conversations about how kids need to learn today. We simply have to have conversations about how to support each other to help them do that safely, ethically and with quality work.

    “My Heart Hurts” « Cooperative Catalyst

    If you use worksheets as teachers, why? Is it the pressure to get through curriculum, or mandated by your school? If you have more time what would you do?

    Wonder if anyone on tumblr would be willing to do a 30 day challenge to not give a single worksheet (pre-made) to there students.

    -adventures in Learning

Adventures in Learning

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