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    Imagining Learning is an invitation to participate in a heart-centered exploration of the question, “How do we educate young people to thrive in a world of possibility?”

    We have designed a creative process we name Listening Sessions that give young people the opportunity to share, in a safe and nurturing environment, their aspirations and insights on education.

    Imagining Learning is currently planning a series of listening sessions in North Carolina and South Carolina in the next few weeks. We are looking for teenagers from all walks of life ages 13- 19 (flexible) to participate in visioning their ideal education system.

    Please email me if you know anyone that would like to be a part of a listening session or help us organize one. david@imagininglearning.usĀ  or visit our web site for more info www.imagininglearning.us

    If you are not in NC or SC, but would like to help bring a listening session to your community, please send us a note here

    Also find us on Facebook and Twitter

    Thank you!

  2. What is an Imagining Learning Listening Session? (by cwk4328)

    "Imagining Learning is creating a national collective voice of young people on their wisdom about transforming education through Listening Sessions with teens all across America. Help us by bringing a Listening Session to your community.

    Find out more at www.imagininglearning.us

    Find Imagining Learning on Facebook

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