1. We certainly need to get the cost of education under control and improve its effectiveness and quality. But if we say that education isn’t worthwhile and that children shouldn’t complete bachelors degrees, we lose. I’d love to get your feedback especially if you disagree.
    Vivek Wadhwa: “China, India and why Peter Thiel is wrong about education,” The Washington Post  (via oninnovations)
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  2. How to Succeed in Business by Really, Really Trying | PBS NewsHour | July 27, 2011 | PBS

    Quite an Amazing story about the power of education and help people find a place in the world.

    Is the aptitude for business (the legal kind) distributed among convicted criminals as it is in the general population? One seasoned executive thinks so, and believes that by hiring the cream of the ex-con crop, his company will have a leg up on the competition. Paul Solman reports as part of his Making Sen$e series.

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