1. "In 2013, then, what (and who) do we want to see in our schools? What stories will we tell about them, and why? And who will get to do the telling?

    What if the stories we told about schools were less about lagging dysfunction and more about healthy design?

    What if the picture of teachers we painted was less about apathy and more about expertise?

    What if the central message of our education coverage was not just that a learning revolution is needed, but also that it’s already underway?

    Beginning today, one such effort is now underway, via a 10-part video series that chronicles a year in the life of a remarkable public school in Boston, the Mission Hill School.

    Every other week until June, a new five-minute video will be released on www.ayearatmissionhill.com. Each video is both a chapter in a larger story about a single school, and a chance for all of us to spark a different sort of conversation about the state of teaching in learning in America.

    Check out the first chapter below and see what you think. And if you like it, please share it widely, and add your voice to the conversation - in this blog, on Facebook and Twitter, and via every other way, virtual or in person, you can think of.

    Everyone knows what it feels like to go to school.

    What if everyone knew what it felt like to go to a great school?”

    Via (A Different Story About Public Education

  2. (via Bill Ayers: Teaching And Organizing for Social Justice | University of Oregon Video)

    I am excited to share this talk! I had the pleasure being in the audience to this great conversation with one of my favorite voices in education.

  3. humanscaleschools:

    (via Community Learning Exchange)

    The Community Learning Exchange is a network of resilient local communities, vibrant organizations, and active change agents who share their local wisdom and collective leadership approaches with each other so they can be more effective in addressing critical social issues.

    If you are new, we recommend visiting the Getting Started page, the Resources tab, and Learning Exchanges tab to learn about past Learning Exchange events.

    If you are interested in learning and solving problems as a community, this is a great resource!

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  4. If what we seek, then, is a more sustainable and just social order, how should we recalibrate our public schools – the institutions most responsible for equipping children with the skills and self-confidence they need to become effective and justice-oriented change agents as adults?

    Occupy Third Grade?

    This article raises a lot of great questions, though the one above hits right at the heart of what Occupy Education is trying to do. What role does education transformation play in helping transform the world?

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