1. Standardized Testing Stories - Google Docs

    Share the impact Standardized Testing has had on your Personal life, be it as a teacher, or taking one yourself. Share stories of your class or how they have changed your teaching or the impact on your students or own children. The more stories the harder it is for policy people to hide behind numbers and data.

    Please either post the link to your blog or your story below… I will put together a list. and repost on Tumblr and probably the Cooperative Catalyst as often as I can! We should start to speak up about standardized testing from a personal level and share the stories of the damage these tests are doing  to our children and our teaching.

    Remember to use the #standardizedtestingstories or #stopstandardizedtesting and #education…

    Add your name or web site, the name of the article/post and the website

    1. John t spencer:  10-ways-to-fight-standardization
    2. Miss Brave Teaches NYC: i-aint-taking-no-deep-breaths
    3. Youth Voices: Students: Too many tests given; no pay for performance

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