1. New Journalism: The wisdom of young people on education with David Loitz and Charles Kouns and students on TTT - Wed - 06.13.12 - 9PM ET...


    As we slip into summer at TTT, we invite you to be reminded of the importance of starting with youth voices when we consider what to do next as educators. This week on http://edtechtalk.com/ttt at 9PM ET / 6PM PT / World Times http://goo.gl/7JEsR our guests will be:
    • David Loitz, a passionate lover of education, film, basketball, food and life. He is currently working towards his Masters in Holistic Elementary Education at Goddard College. He writes and organizes at Adventures In Learning and on the Cooperative Catalyst, @dloitz .
    • Charles Kouns, @Penthias, the Founding Steward of Imagining Learning, an educator and the father of three. Imagining Learning is creating a national portrait of young people’s wisdom on the reinvention of education.
    • David and Charlie have invited a few students to join us as well. 
    Our conversation will be about how important it is to listen to students, and on David and Charlie’s methods of doing that. David Loitz writes:
    Charlie’s focus is in helping to bring the voices and visions of youth people to a national stage. He is both a teacher and an visionary. He is a dear friend and mentor. He created Imagining Leaning four years ago, and has traveled up and down the west coast and as far as New Zealand to host listening session with groups of young people. 
    Please join us if you can. Let us know what you are thinking about the wisdom of youth. We’ll see you at http://edtechtalk.com/ttt at 9PM ET / 6PM PT / World Times http://goo.gl/7JEsR
    Paul Allison, Monika Hardy, and Chris Sloan
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  2. Teachers Teaching Teachers episode#285 Who drops out? with Nick Perez, Todd Finley, Alex Pappas, Troy Hicks, Lisa Nielsen, Teresa Bunner, Lisa Nielsen 2.22.12 | EdTechTalk

    On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers +Paul Allison +Monika Hardy, and +Chris Sloan welcome many different perspectives on the important question of Who drops out? Why? Does it matter? What alternatives are available?

    With a wonderful mix of thoughtful people we explore how questions about “engagement”—even what it means—help us have productive dialogues about what good teaching and learning looks like and what might change in our schools. Each of us in this conversation are working to reconsider our assumptions and to recast our questions about student engagement in high school and beyond. Please add to this mix by listening in and adding to the comments below.

  3. Teachers268-2011-10-19 Learning from Occupy Wall Street (by paulrallison)

    On this episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers these amazing teachers discuss Occupy Education, Occupy the Classroom, Occupy Wall Street, Youth Voices and more thanks to our friends who publish at the Cooperative Catalyst:



    Click Read more under the video to see a copy of the chat that was happening during the webcast.

  4. New Journalism: Monika Hardy and colleagues will introduce Lab Connections on Teachers Teaching Teachers - 8.24.11 - 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM...

    If you are interested in teaching, you should know Monika! I highly recommend this!


    For this week’s Teachers Teaching Teachers on http://edtechtalk.com/live Monika Hardy @monk51295 has invited some of her colleagues,
    • Thomas Steele-Maley @steelemaley
    • Alexander Pappas @alexpappas
    • Mary Ann Rielly @MaryAnnRielly
    • Amanda Judd @venueX
    • Amy Lewark @fat4thought
    to join…
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